Have Your Say

Our survey is now closed, we would like to thank everyone who has taken part. For many of you it will not have been easy, and we want all our participants to know how much we value your responses.

A report has been created which has been made available to the trustees so that they can determine the best way for Safer Waves to acheive its objects. Some key points from the survey are summarised here.

A common theme demonstrated throughout the survey and through talking to seafarers, is that the burden has been on the victim. To prove to shipping companies, maritime unions, colleagues, police, flag state authorities, that what had happened to them was bad enough to be taken seriously.

We are aiming to create support services where the opposite will be true. If a seafarer has a concern about someone’s behaviour, if they have had an experience that has caused them distress, they will be able to talk to us about it. Whether it was a seemingly minor incident or a major trauma, whether it was 30 years ago or happened yesterday. The underlying ethos being that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and that everyone is deserving of love and support.

The explanation and information regarding the survey will remain available for your reference.

We have a lot of work to do, and support services will start off on a small scale, but we hope we will be able to build and grow if seafarers find our service helpful. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to get in contact, or would like to be involved in the project, please do contact us on info@saferwaves.org, or find us on Twitter.

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