Privacy and Confidentiality Notice

Confidentiality and Safeguarding

When you email us, your information will be kept completely confidential. There are however a few specific exceptions to this which are listed below:

  • If there is reason to believe an adult’s life is in immediate danger
  • If there is reasonable cause to believe that a child, young person or vulnerable adult is at serious risk of harm
  • If disclosures are made relating to terrorist activity
  • If ordered to breach confidentiality by a court of law or the police.

In all cases we will attempt to discuss this with you and tell you who we will be reporting to, and what information we are required to disclose.

Privacy and Data Protection

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are required to state what data we collect, how we process it and your rights in relation to your data.

This is a WordPress website. WordPress uses cookies for a variety of reasons, including for functionality, security, remembering preferences and analytical purposes. You can read more about cookies at You can change your cookie preferences in your browser settings, but be aware that some aspects of the website may not function properly with cookies disabled.

We use Jetpack analytics to provide statistics on website traffic. These statistics are very useful to us as they help us to demonstrate to potential funders that our site is being used. It also helps us to understand what our service users find helpful.

Visitors IP addresses are stored by WordPress for a period of time, according to the Automattic Privacy Policy this information is stored for approximately 30 days.

Your data will never be passed to any third parties without your consent (except in the specific safeguarding circumstances listed in our confidentiality policy).

Emails sent to us will be kept for 2 years after your most recent email to us, to enable us to keep a record of any ongoing correspondence and respond appropriately to enquiries. After this date, the emails will be deleted. Your emails will be held on a password protected account. To read the privacy policy of our email host, please click here.

At any point you have the right to:

  • Request to access the data we hold about you
  • Request that your data be erased
  • Request that your data be amended/rectified

For full details about the principles of the GDPR and your rights under the regulations, see our full GDPR policy.

Any requests relating to your data can be made to You also have the right to make a complaint to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

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